Our Free Space

Freedom, Honesty, Equality of Opportunity, Solidarity and Responsibility – these are the fundamental values of the Julius Raab Foundation that need to be reflected by our working space. We actively exercise a team-based collaborative work ethic. As a think tank the Foundation drafts and develops contemporary ideas for the concept of social market economy. Furthermore, always differently configured teams work on various topics during workshops. Appropriate facilities are needed for these purposes.

The facilities allow for varying group sizes and modes of operation. The fully mirrored entrance emphasises the transparent and friendly working environment. The light green rubber flooring seemingly pours from the entrance area into the open and large group working spaces and the adjacent hallway connecting to other rooms. The colour is selected to reflect the idea of ‘free thinking on green grassland’.

Just like on a real green grassland, the birch plywood-made tables can be freely moved as they are mounted on roller bearings. This makes it easy to facilitate various working configurations. Blackboards and whiteboards are mounted on roller bearing too. Within the spacious group working area is small tea preparing area; comfortable chairs are inviting for creative and relaxing pauses for reflexion. The rooms of this old building are flooded by natural light through huge windows. Additionally, LED light bars are mounted on the ceiling. They brighten the room either indirectly by beaming at the ceiling or directly by dispersing the light onto the tables and the floor. Both brightening modes can be either used simultaneously or to further brighten the room. The importance of flexibility is not only emphasised by these details. In addition to the large group working space there is another room which serves as thinking and development area for small groups. Besides these two different group working areas there are an archive and office spaces. These newly designed rooms are creating an atmosphere that literally invites the development, improvement, and exchange of new ideas.

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Photos by Wolfgang R. Fürst

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