25. März 2019

Can you save ‘Apolitical Land’s’ health service?

Apolitical Land is an educational game designed by Apolitical Editor Josh Lowe to teach public servants about the pressures facing policy professionals as well as the opportunities open to them.

Tasked with bringing down spiralling demand on emergency health services in a fictional country, players must design interventions ranging from cross-sector partnerships to digital services to try and achieve their goal.

But be careful: in policymaking, things don’t always turn out the way you planned…

This game was based on a board game called “Policy World” which aimed to introduce people to policy making. Policy World was developed by Jack Collier and Ale Diaz at the Ministry of Justice, UK. They’re happy to talk about UCD and Policy Making anytime, they’re on twitter @jackcols and @alejadc.

Find more details here.

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