Freedom is the fundamental value of liberal democracy and our economic and social model of the social market economy. Freedom means first and foremost the absence of state coercion, which must be secured today more than ever. State overregulation and paternalism hinder the development of both people and society. For us, freedom means personal accountability, willingness to take risks, self-responsibility and individual options. We do not understand this as the illusion of fully comprehensive welfare state security at the price of the incapacitation of citizens.

We are therefore committed to a new culture of freedom. Especially in economically challenging times, it is important to safeguard freedom and especially economic freedom. It is the basis for performance and innovation. Innovation is the only insurance of the future that exists today in global competition.
Only a culture of freedom enables us to be open to the new and unleash the creative potential of our society, which is more important than ever for growth, prosperity and social security.

More freedom has concrete consequences for citizens: e.g. more income through lower taxes, lower prices through more competition, more growth through less regulation, more investment in the future through a lower debt burden, protected freedoms through less monitoring.

Essayband: Freiheit. Wir sind dafür.
14. March 2012

Essayband: Freiheit. Wir sind dafür.

Zur Freiheit gehört Mut – egal ob wir die politische, die wirtschaftliche oder die individuelle Freiheit meinen. Wir brauchen aber wieder mehr Freiheit und mehr Freiheitsräume für neue Ideen, für Kreativität, für Innovation, für ein ganz neues qualitatives Wachstum.


We pursue a clear goal:
We want to move Austria and Europe forward

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