For us, honesty and intellectual integrity are basic premises for solving political problems. The main problems of today are the results of a lack of political honesty, such as mountains of debt or an unfundable pension system. We need honesty in politics and society. Political leaders must make their decisions transparent and comprehensible. Politicians must also openly express unpleasant truths and communicate them correctly. Society must also support and support unpopular reforms when it comes to Austria’s future. We owe it to our own future.

Closely linked to this is the need for a new culture of timeliness in the country. Problems and challenges must be discussed and solved in good time. The longer we postpone solving the problem, the more expensive it will be. We must focus our incentive systems on the future. In all areas of society, we must reward what brings the future instead of punishing performance. And we must resolutely fight against greed and corruption in politics and business together.

Honesty in politics and society has concrete consequences for citizens: solving problems in good time instead of shifting problems, less debt by limiting claims democracy, less corruption through more transparency, more political participation through better political culture.

Essay: Ehrlichkeit. Wir sind dafür.
28. November 2012

Essay: Ehrlichkeit. Wir sind dafür.

Ehrlichkeit in Politik und Gesellschaft hat konkrete Auswirkungen für Bürgerin­nen und Bürger: Rechtzeitige Problemlösung statt Problemverschiebung, weniger Schulden durch Begrenzung der Anspruchsdemokratie, weniger Korruption durch mehr Transparenz, mehr politische Partizipation durch bessere politische Kultur.


We pursue a clear goal:
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