Equity of opportunity

Justice is usually instrumentalized in political debate as a populist concept of longing. Behind it is the goal of achieving the greatest possible social equality. But we need a new understanding of justice. In our social incentive systems we have to get rid of an understanding that sees justice as a function of equality. Our goal is not an equal society, but a society that is aware of its diversity and differences and uses them for future development. History has shown it: egalitarian societies remain in stagnation and standstill.

A contemporary understanding of justice must refer to the future. We are concerned with equal opportunities. Right from the start, people should have the opportunity to participate in social development through their performance and commitment. This requires institutional arrangements that guarantee them the best possible starting conditions. Equal opportunities gives every individual broad access to development potential. Whether and to what extent they make use of these lies in their freedom and responsibility.

A new culture of opportunity is necessary for equal opportunities in our society, in which change is seen not as a threat but as a potential for the future. A new culture of equal opportunities has concrete consequences for citizens: more opportunities through greater freedom of choice, better education through differentiation, social advancement through better education, more opportunities to realise individual potentials and seek personal happiness in life.

We pursue a clear goal:
We want to move Austria and Europe forward

Guided by timeless values, providing new ideas
in an honest and courageous manner.

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