Last year, we have jointly researched which organisations, such as think tanks, research institutes, foundations, advocacy groups, NGOs and platforms in Europe and Austria, have great influence as sources of ideas and impulses, how adaptive and open the political system is and what is needed for new and unconventional collaborations. We have made the results interactively usable for you and prepared them for you in the form of the homepage


After the presentation of the interactive online network map which was developed by FASresearch last year, now we publish our results in form of printed folder that can be ordered now and at any time. On it we present the results of 55 in-depth interviews with experts and decision-makers. Part of the results are the network map, which show the nominated institutions graphically. Next to it, there are also results on the topics of the political system’s ability to learn, unconventional collaborations and on major challenges of our time, which the respondents also adressed.

We would be delighted if you were interested in our results – please feel free to ask for the printed copy of the publication via and we will send it to you! You can also download the network analysis here. Additionally you can find a summary of the project in written form on On Think Thanks from us: NAVIGATEUR – Who is navigating us towards Europe’s future?



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