Correct values. A clear course.


The promise of the social market economy – of which we are deeply convinced – is: prosperity for everyone! Working to deliver on this promise must guide our policy makers. If we want to secure social cohesion, which is currently eroding noticeably, then the future must offer positive prospects, opportunities and options for all people. For this purpose, social peace is a solid foundation. In these times social peace – in Austria, but also beyond national borders – can only be guaranteed through energetic reforms, which also mean sharing and renunciation. A sharing of wealth and opportunities. A renunciation of benefices and privileges.

The work of the Julius Raab Foundation is based on a clear foundation of values. In the tradition of our namesake, former Austrian Chancellor Julius Raab, we are developing the successful model of the social market economy according to contemporary standards.

What we do and what we work for is therefore guided by a clear catalogue of timeless values. We are convinced that substantial, honest and effective policies cannot be pursued independently of correct and correctly implemented values and correspondingly lived attitudes.

We see a fundamental need for action in the “constitution of values” that is currently shaping politics and society. Standstill and corruption are just as much an expression of problematic or false values as populism and appeals to the envy of the society.

Proclaiming values is not enough in politics and society. Our goal is that the right guidelines shape our social attitudes and incentive systems. We need new, powerful “fuel”. Correct values. Common values.

The Julius Raab Foundation will therefore return these fundamental values to the centre of the political debate. We want to make politics understandable and comprehensible again. And we will develop new political ideas independently and without taboos and work on a vision for Austria’s future.


Wir verfolgen ein klares Ziel:
Wir wollen Österreich nach vorne bringen

Mit neuen Ideen, einer ehrlichen und
mutigen Politik und auf Basis zeitloser Werte.

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