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The Julius Raab Stiftung has one clear goal. We aim to facilitate the advancement of Austria with new ideas, honest and courageous politics, and on the basis of timeless values. The need for action is acute. Austria currently faces serious challenges.  However, we continue to live off the performance of the past at the expense of future generations. Austria is losing out on the international stage due to its palpable lack of development.

The facts are all too clear: state expenditure now encompasses more than half of the entire output of our economy. The state patronisingly involves itself in the lives of its citizens everywhere. Our children and grandchildren are being robbed of any hope for the future by enormous and ever-rising state debt.

Political stagnation and quarrel are not justifiable answers. It is gravely irresponsible to simply spectate and leave the problems of today to future generations. The population’s quality of life is strongly dependent on Austria’s competitiveness on the international stage.

Our unwavering belief is that in order for Austrian welfare and quality of life to remain continually secure, conclusive visions and the rediscovery of a joint ability to act are indispensible ideas. The country requires political ideas which open new doors, through which Austria can find the path to development. What is required is a new ability to act on the part of society, which is based on a sense of responsibility by citizens, companies and other institutions.

This is the path that the foundation is taking.

You are invited: come and join us.

Markus Gull

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Als Julius Raab Stiftung verfolgen wir ein klares Ziel. Wir wollen Österreich nach vorne bringen. Mit neuen Ideen, einer ehrlichen und mutigen Politik und auf Basis zeitloser Werte. In unseren Publikationen und Thesenpapieren bilden wir einen Großteil unserer Anregungen und Gedankenimpulse ab.                                          

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